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Anonymizer Pipeline


Protect Your Internet Activity with Strong SSLeay 128-Bit Encryption
Anonymizer Pipeline will protect your Internet activity with strong SSLeay 128-bit encryption between you and our network. It will allow you to use e-mail, news, and the Web anonymously and securely from your personal computer. Your connection provider, and anyone on the network between you and the Anonymizer subnetwork, will see only scrambled data. All your activity will appear to come from the Anonymizer subnetwork in California.

Anonymizer Pipeline will also include a Surfing account for anonymous Web browsing.

Pipeline is a European product distributed from a country with no cryptography export restrictions, so you can download and use Pipeline legally from any country without cryptography import restrictions.

-Strong SSLeay 128-Bit Encryption between you and our network
-Browse the Web, use e-mail, and news securely and anonymously from your own computer
-Includes Anonymizer Surfing

Pipeline is a little late, but beta testing commenced mid-July. Unfortunately, we do not have an estimate for when it will be ready. If you wish to receive updates on Pipeline and other Anonymizer services, please enter your email below or keep watch on the Web site.

If you need a solution in the meantime, you may order a special anonymous SSH/SecureCRT account from Anonymizer and use either F-Secure SSH from DataFellows or SecureCRT from Van Dyke Technologies Inc. SecureCRT is only available for Windows. Please read our setup instructions for F-Secure SSH and SecureCRT. Pipeline will be easier to use and much easier to install.

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