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Licences serveurs

Informations générales
The Anonymizer is now available to service providers, colleges, businesses and organizations on the Internet. Running the Anonymizer as the local proxy server, an organization can protect all its web users from sites which harvest personal information and track viewer interest.

If you represent a business whose employees use the Internet for sensitive political, legal, or market research, a bulk purchase of Anonymizer Surfing accounts or an Anonymizer network license masks your on-line corporate activities. Your network of workstations connects to the web through the Anonymizer network, and no web site can track your ongoing interest or discover information about your corporate identity.

If you represent a connection provider, like an ISP, the Anonymizer server license is essential to protect your customers from many invasions of privacy on the world wide web. All people connected through a server running the Anonymizer are protected from magic cookies (used to track a viewer), from Java and Javascript access to browser and hard drive information, and from usage tracking by I.P. address.

Sales commissions
We offer a sales commission on the following services to parties unaffiliated with yourself otherwise professionally of 20% of up-front costs and 10% of recurring costs. This offer subject to change.

Bulk purchases
Individual Anonymizer Surfing accounts cost 15 us$ per month. We discount 10% in groups of 10 and a 20% in groups of 100.

Network licenses
The Anonymizer network license gives your organisation's network access to the world wide web through the Anonymizer network, protecting Internet activities from invasive scrutiny.

d'adresses IP
Coût mensuel
($ U.S.)
Support technique
($ U.S.)
0-250 700.00 240.00
251-500 1375.00 525.00
501-1000 2700.00 1120.00
1001-2000 5300.00 2340.00
2001-4000 10400.00 4800.00
add'l 1000's 2500.00 1000.00


Server licenses
Server licenses provide an ISP's customers faster anonymous protection. Front-line tech support and spare-in-the-air optional.

Setup cost for a single Anonymizer server is 500.00 us$ plus the cost of the machine. The type of machine is determined as per the ISP's needs.

Monthly costs are based on the number of IP addresses allowed to use the licensed Anonymizer machine as a proxy server.

d'adresses IP
Coût mensuel
($ U.S.)
Support technique
($ U.S.)
0-250 800.00 240.00
251-500 1500.00 525.00
501-1000 2800.00 1120.00
1001-2000 5200.00 2340.00
2001-4000 9600.00 4800.00
add'l 1000's 2000.00 1000.00

"Spare in the air" hardware maintenance contract costs 800.00 us$ per year per physical machine. We can ship you a replacement machine with urgent express priority if your machine breaks down.

Anonymizer maintains exclusive access to the machine in a server license plan as a trusted third party.

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