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SSH/SecureCRT Accounts

While Pipeline is still in development we are offering the SSH/SecureCRT account as a solution. An SSH connection encrypts all internet interactions so that computers between your computer and ours (ie your ISP) can not monitor you. You may order a special SSH/SecureCRT account from Anonymizer and use either F-Secure SSH from Datafellows or SecureCRT from Van Dyke Technologies, Inc. Pipeline will be easier to use and much easier to install.

There is also a free version of SSH software available called Tera Term Pro. The software needs to be downloaded in two parts. First download the Tera Term Pro telnet software from the site and then download the TTSSH extension. You have to install them in this order as well. We currently do not have a page for setup of this software but we will add one soon. You can view the SecureCRT setup or the F-Secure setup pages for the settings you will need and the Tera Term pages for more info on how to set it up until then.

Select your type from the list below to view the setup instructions and then click the button to proceed.

The SSH/SecureCRT account includes an email address and two megabytes of web publishing space. The account is identical to one of our Anonymizer Publishing accounts. Please read our section regarding Anonymizer Publishing for details.

WARNING: The latest version of F-Secure SSH is not compatible with the non-commercial server which is installed on the Anonymizer network. We do not recommend using the latest release of F-Secure SSH until this problem has been resolved. Versions 1.0 and 1.5 seems to work fine, but we suggest downloading the trial version before making a purchase.

On the other hand, SecureCRT from Van Dyke Technologies, Inc. seems to work very well. There are several customers using this software, and we have not noticed any problems with compatibility. This may be the safer choice for the time being.

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